Student Reviews:

  • ​"It broadened my outlook on the different careers that are possible for me and my interests." - 11th grade student, Breckenridge High School
  • "It helps determine what skills you have and what jobs are good for you." - 11th grade student, Breckenridge High School
  • "I liked the advice and terms that we don't usually learn at school." - 8th grade student, Portland
  • "I learned about many types of jobs that I am interested in. Now, I am pretty sure what I want to do. Because after your presentation, I went on the internet and found out which type of classes I will need to take." - 9th grade school, Central Montcalm High School
  • "Before the presentation, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, but now I have a pretty good idea." - 9th grade student, Central Montcalm High School
  • "I enjoyed learning about what to expect in my job experiences... I will remember to work hard in school for knowledge and scholarships." - 9th grade student, Central Montcalm High School

Having a career goal for tomorrow will help you be more successful in school today! 



This is an excellent workshop for answer the following questions...

  • ​What careers would be a good match for me?
  • What things are important to think about when I choose a career?
  • What steps can I take to reach my dream career?
  • Does what I do in school really matter?

​This workshop also...

  • Utilizes a powerful, web-based, career research tool that identifies careers which match participants' interests.
  • Provides in-depth career exploration related to job descriptions, working conditions, earnings and required education.
  • Presents information regarding colleges and post-secondary institutions which offer corresponding educational programs. 
  • Helps students identify personal learning styles and suggests ways to capitalize on their individual strengths.
  • Presents a variety of higher education and financing options.

Additional Information...

  • This workshop is designed for 7th-12th grade students.
  • We have been conducting these popular presentations in schools in Montcalm, Ionia, Isabella and Gratiot Counties, and they are now available in Kent County.
  • The material is currently available during the summer session.
  • The complete presentation requires four hours to cover all material. (It is possible to condense much of the material into fewer sessions.)
  • Currently, the material is offered in private tutoring appointments. 
  • This workshop is also occasionally offered in a two-day, four-hour, small-group format.

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6472 Sunfield Drive, Byron Center, MI 49315-9449

Teacher Reviews:

  • ​"Wonderful! Ken gives a great presentation with age appropriate material... (the students) are understanding that they will be required to have post-secondary education or training... The content and slideshow keeps student's attention by using interesting examples such as sports... Ken is very enthusiastic about his job which is modeling what he teachers - finding a career that you enjoy... True stories are very effective... Great info (about the Career/Tech center) teaches students that the skills learning there can be used in your personal or professional life... (I liked) the PowerPoint, true stories (success stories), and Ken's enthusiasm. I love how Ken stresses education." - 8th grade teacher, Portland Middle School
  • "(The presentations were) interesting, relevant (and had) high energy. It was age appropriate (with) good stories - both about the presentation, but especially about people the same age as my students. The visual in the PowerPoint were great. (I liked best the) interactive brainstorming (with) good identification of preferences and skills. I believe it got them (the students) thinking about what they like and connecting that to careers." - High school teacher, Beal City
  • "I am very happy with the presentation and the presenter. It was very good (and ) up-to-date. The students were engaged and interested. The presentation - PowerPoint, speaker, props - were meant for them! I appreciate the fact that Ken is available. He is a valuable resource to our young people. Kids need guidance with their career choices, especially in Michigan's touch job market." - 8th grade teacher, Lakeview Middle School