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This is a list of our favorite online educational games and other resources for helping students improve skills in math and early reading. There are also resources for practicing spelling words and vocabulary for a variety of subjects.


  • Instruction, inter-actives, worksheets, and ideas for off-line games.


  • EXCELLENT questions covering all core math concepts in Pre-school through Algebra 2, listed by specific math goals. (If students answer incorrectly, students can read an explanation that teaches how to solve the problem correctly.) (Free limited use.)​


  • EXCELLENT Interactive Periodic Table that gives helpful and interesting information about each element. Be sure to check out the KEY on the opening page of the Interactive Table to know what the symbols at the top of each element square represent. The website also has a printable PDF of the table and other resources.


  • EXCELLENT free portion of the password-based Holt, Rhinehard, Winston website for their Holt Middle School Math to Algebra 2 math series. (Contains excellent instructional videos for each lesson.)


  • A PRACTICAL math website with the goal of "MAKING MATH MAKE SENSE" through EASY TO UNDERSTAND examples, hints and tricks for counting through calculus compiled by a math tutor. (Happens to include more examples girls can relate to.)


  • The EXCELLENT ALGEBRA 1 materials on this page are a collection of on-line resources designed to be used by students and teachers (parents) in the study and review of a first course in high school algebra.


  • The EXCELLENT GEOMETRY materials on this page are a collection of on-line resources designed to be used by students and teachers (parents) in the study and review of a first course in high school geometry.

  • The EXCELLENT ALGEBRA 2/TRIGONOMETRY materials on this page are a collection of on-line resources designed to be used by students and teachers (parents) in the study and review of a second course in high school algebra with Trigonometry.


  • Mathbits.com is devoted to offering fun yet challenging lessons and activities in secondary (and college level) mathematics and computer programming for students and teachers. 


  • A website with interactive math lessons from arithmetic through calculus.


  • The goal of the resources for students and teachers on this site is to help students meet the New York State Regents requirements for English, Math, Science and Social Studies. (There are separate pages with resources for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2/Trig.)


  • Click PREVIEW to see the Seeing Red Cars motivational video that shows the importance of what we choose to focus on.


  • Did You Know? 3.0 is an interesting video showing the progression of information technology, researched by Karl Fisch and modified by VideoShredHead for 2012.


  • EXCELLENT Hot, Rinehart, Winston online graphing calculator.


  • EXCELLENT Holt, Rinehart, Winston online scientific calculator.


  • EXCELLENT interactive math lessons using online manipulatives. 


  • EXCELLENT interactive math lesson about solving 1-step and 2-step algebra equations.


  • ​Many CHALLENGING, HIGH-QUALITY, grade-based interactive activities and lessons developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.


  • CHALLENGING, HIGH-QUALITY, interactive activities for a variety of subjects.


  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives that can be used to help understand math concepts K-12. (Arranged by grade level and math topic.)


  • A list of 80 CREATIVE, CHALLENGING math story problems.


  • Many HIGH-QUALITY educational activies, games, and worksheets that are primarily done off-line. (Covers a wide-range of subjects.)


  • A HIGH-QUALITY, MULTIMEDIA premium website that teaches effective strategies for LEARNING basic multiplication facts. Groups the facts of multiplication table into four groups: Rule, Trick, Chant, and Connection. (There is a free SAMPLE lesson available for lesson 6 which covers the CHANT strategy used for certain facts. Developing similar material for division facts.).


  • An interactive, whiteboard with math tools for working with base-ten blocks, measuring angles, rolling dice, using a math compass, etc.


  • WIDE ASSORTMENT of HELPFUL elementary and middle school math links to other sites.



  • Graph! (WSHS Rap Song) reminds students how to graph linear equations. (Parody of Yeah! by Usher)


  • Super Base (WSHS Math Rap Song) reminds students how to simplify numbers with positive and negative exponents, as well as rules for multiplying, dividing, and powering exponents. (Parody of Super Bass by Nicki Minaj)


  • All I Do Is Solve (WSHS Math Rap Song) reminds students how to solve equations through graphing, substitution, and elmination. (Parody of All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled)


  • Teach Me How To Factor (WSHS Math Rap Song) teaches students how to solve quadratic expressions by factoring into binomials. (Parody of Teach Me How to Dougie by Cali Swag District)


  • Do the Quad Solve (WSHS Math Rap Song) reminds students how to solve quadratic equations by graphing, factoring and using quadratic formula. (Parody of Do the John Wall by Troop 41)


  • Solve Me Maybe (WSHS Math Rap Song) reminds students how to use inverse operations when solving equations. (Parody of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson)


  • Gettin' Triggy Wit It (WSHS Math Rap Song) reminds students how to solve trianges using trigonometry (SOH, CAH, TOA, HYP, OPP, ADJ, and inverses). (Parody of Gettin' Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith)


  • Math Rap reminds students about the basics of doing well in mathematics​.


  • Flip It (TwoPlusOneMathRocks song) teaches how to divide fraction. (Parody of Whip It by Devo.)​​ 


  • Most of these sites have multiple games. 
  • Some of these are sites with links to many other learning games sites.


  • EXCELLENT fast-paced arcade site where students compete against other real students across the country while they improve their fluency (speed) in several basic skills. (Option available to create private games where they can play games individually with particular friends using a password.)


  • EXCELLENT interactive site where students can plan MANY games in CREATIVE formats (such as Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire) to review key grade-level concepts.


  • X-Germs Addition: EXCELLENT game for mastering basic addition facts. (Saves a record on local computer of student progress on learning specific facts.)


  • E-Germs Subtraction: EXCELLENT game for mastering basic subtraction facts. (Saves record on local computer of student progress on learning specific facts.)


  • X-Germs Multiplication: EXCELLENT game for mastering basic multiplication facts. (Saves record on local computer of student progress on learning specific facts.) 


  • X-Germs Division: EXCELLENT game for mastering basic division facts. (Saves record on local computer of student progress on learning specific facts.) 


  • X-Germs Mashup: +, -, X, / in one game... mixed and separate. (Saves record.)


  • K-12's Race Car Fast Facts game with your choice of  +, -, x,  / facts to practice. (Posted on another site that allows you to play without downloading to your computer.)


  • K-12's Baseball Fast Facts game with your choice of =, -, x, / facts to practice. (Posted on another site that allows you to play without downloading to your computer.)


  • ​COLORFUL website with many activities designed to help students practice multiplication facts.


  • Interactive site with a HELPFUL activities where students can learn divisibility tricks, practice math flash cards for a specific fact group, do time flash cards with an upper limit, practice math facts with Space Invaders game.


  • HELPFUL site for practicing exponents and finding like terms with fast-paced Asteroid games, as well as adding/subtracting intergers with the Wallet Game. Also, an EXCELLENT sample lesson from their main premium Animated Algebra tutorial site is Positive/Negative Numbers Pt 1: www.mathdork.com/free10/signed1/index.html


  • EXCELLENT free student games available as a SAMPLE of many other activities available on a premium site. (Premium includes ability to track student progress.)


  • EXCELLENT games in a wide-variety of creative formats. (Click on one of the 5 links across the middle of the page: Math Games 1, Math Games 2, Logic Games, Word Problems, or Math Videos. Many excellent additional activities listed at the bottom of the page: Thinking Blocks, Multiplayer Games, Computation, Math Apprentice, Manipulatives, Worksheets, and Flashcards.)


  • A more direct link to the EXCELLENT games at the website listed above.


  • A EXCELLENT collection of high-quality games, primarily from other math sites. 


  • EXCELLENT, appealing games. Contains other subjects besides math.


  • EXCELLENT, appealing games organized by subject and grade level. (Contains other subjects besides math.)


  • Some of the best HIGH-QUALITY Fun Brain activities arranged as a simple Math Arcade game board path for chosen grade level.


  • EXCELLENT online, LEARN-TO-READ program that progresses in 4 levels, from learning the alphabet to reading animated stories.


  • EXCELLENT, high-quality READING-based site with 4 main categories: Activity Lab, Game Station, Book Zone, and Express Yourself (writing).


  • A very large, wide mix of "math" games, lessons, practice problems, geometry/art, and fun activities for ages 13 and up. (Many activities are actually strategy games or fun activities that are not as "educational".)


  • Link to part of the Coolmath site with lessons designed for ages 3 to 12.


  • Direct link to the game portion of the Coolmath site.


  • High-quality reading, video and educational game website with activities for preschool and elementary.(Videos can be set to show captions, which is helpful for ESL students or others learning to read.)


  • A HELPFUL website where you can CREATE your own online VOCABULARY FLASHCARDS for learning terms and definitions for a variety of classes.


  • HELPFUL website where parents, teachers, or students can ENTER SPELLING LISTS, so students can do a variety of high-quality activities with them.


  • A list of many additional learning websites.